Make Great Money as a Stafftronix Virtual Assistants Affiliate Marketer 2019

If you’d like to build a steady, residual income with only minimal time & effort in the rapidly growing world of Virtual Staffing, Stafftronix Virtual Assistants has the perfect opportunity for you! Welcome to Stafftronix Virtual Assistants Affiliate Marketing Program! We have two different options, depending on the amount of time & effort you have to invest. You can either simply refer leads or be involved in the sales process. In either case you have the opportunity to build a growing residual income that will put money in your pocket each and every month!


If you don’t have the time to involve yourself with Stafftronix on a full-time basis, you can still turn your contacts and old leads into cash. In our Stafftronix Lead Referral Program you can simply supply us the names and contact details from within your network and we will pursue them with offers on how a Virtual Assistant can better help them meet their business needs.

We’ll handle everything from initial outreach, establishing which skill sets they need in a VA, recruitment & interviews all the way to closing. Once you’ve provided us with the lead you need do nothing but sit back and collect your cash! You’ll receive a nice bonus upon signing and then every month as long as they utilize a Stafftronix Virtual Assistant you’ll receive a monthly residual based on the number of hours they’ve signed up for.


If you’ve been interested in getting into the rapidly growing Business Process Outsource (BPO) industry and are truly ambitious, we’d recommend considering becoming an affiliated Business Development Manager for Stafftronix Virtual Assistants. Under this program you’ll be a registered as an Independent Contractor and a full functioning member of the team!

We will provide you training, materials and the full back-office support needed to help you be successful and build a lucrative portfolio of business. As with the Lead Referral Program you’ll receive a signing bonus and monthly residuals so long as your deals remain with Stafftronix, but as a Business Development Affiliate your commission rates will be much higher.

You’ll work hand in hand with our Recruitment & Operations team to match your clients with the Best & Brightest Virtual Assistant talent available. You’ll receive access to all the essential tools you’ll need to be successful. You will in all effect be a member of the Stafftronix Team, with full privileges & responsibility. This is a highly lucrative field and a position we expect you to take seriously.


We help small business owners and startups meet their needs by providing them a talented & reliable Virtual Assistant. As a Stafftronix affiliate member, we will expect you to be dedicated to ensuring our clients get the very best. 

If you cant give 100% we would invite you to consider the Lead Referral Program until such time as you are able to give us your all. But if you are ready, we’ll support you every step of the way, we ask only that you commit to the highest level of dedication and integrity conducive with company standards. We are in the business of helping entrepreneurs and small business owners realize their business goals and we’d like to help you realize your dreams as well. 


Please take a moment to fill out the Stafftronix Affiliate Registration Form and we’ll be in touch quickly to discuss your future with Stafftronix Virtual Assistants!. 

  • If outside the US please indicate country code.
  • If you have specific questions or comments to add prior to our first chat, please indicate here.
  • How involved are you able to be? Please cite the affiliate program that interests you.
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