Team Members

web developer

Rowela A

Rowela is a web developer & digital marketing enthusiast with high-level design skills who will make a wonderful addition to your team as a virtual assistant. As she likes to say, she has a huge crush on HTML5, CSS3…

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Rexziel (also known as Rex) is a Cum Laude graduate in Accounting with over a decade of experience in the field. While currently serving as the Head of Accounting for a large Philippines corporation, Rex is looking for a…

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virtual bbookkeeper


Dalisay is an extremely talented & diligent Accountant & Bookkeeper with a decade of reliable excellence who will help you get your finance in order as your virtual assistant from Stafftronix. She is an experienced accountant with exceptional background…

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Alfie L

Alfie is a talented professional in the field of Information Technology & Web Development. Alfie seeks to obtain career advancement in the field of Information Technology & Web Development and be able to contribute my technical and academic skills…

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Team Members 1


A team is only as good as its leader and as such the Appointment Specialist team is destined for greatness under the guidance of Jonah. Jonah serves as the Account Director for this campaign and in a very short-time…

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Amanda is a diligent and talented appointments setter with above average telemarketing & communication skills. She already possesses a thorough understanding of the merchant processing industry and we expect great things from her in the future.

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Team Members 2


Kate is a solid & steady appointment setter with excellent telemarketing skills. Kate is dedicated and consistently ranks among the leaders in calls taken and can always be counted ion to deliver!

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Sandra is a member of the newbie batch garnered 6 appointments in her first three days on the phones. She is a strong telemarketer with top-level communication and rapport building skill.

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Team Members 3


Mia may be one of the newer members of the squad, she has already proven to be one of the strongest telemarketers and will no doubt make a fine appointment specialist. She has a strong grasp of the American…

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Team Members 4


One of the newer members of the team, David has already proven himself to be one of the leaders, bringing his sales & telemarketing experience & excellence to the role. He has excellent communication skills, is very knowledgeable of…

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