Alfred is an advanced web developer with 10 years of experience who will bring you value and greater market penetration when you hire him as your Stafftronix Virtual Assistant.

Alfred is skilled in designing, structuring, wire-framing, developing and implementing interactive websites. His innovative use of the latest technology along with his understanding of SEO has proven to drive more traffic and engage users in websites he develops and manages.

He is able to complete projects efficiently, on-time and to the satisfaction of his clients with attractive & user-friendly websites. In addition, Alfred is experienced in providing excellent customer service and guaranteeing total customer satisfaction. He is also quite gifted in troubleshooting computer hardware and software.

Alfred’s talents extend to designing graphic works and making animations, with high-level experience using Adobe applications. He works well under pressure, independently or as part of a team and will bring you instant value. Do yourself a favor and interview Alfred to be your next virtual assistant.

University of San Jose – Recoletos
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
RCB Consulting International / Dubai, UAE
Full-stack Web Developer & Programmer
Developed and manages the company website, manages the client websites and projects
Core Devoted FZE / Dubai, UAE
Full-stack Web Developer
Tintila / Australia
Web Designer, Web Developer and Virtual Assistant
Developed the company website (e-commerce), manages and maintain the company website every month

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