Grace Ann is a skilled Accountant & Bookkeeper with a decade of reliable excellence who will help you get your finance in order as your virtual assistant. She can handle all aspects of your accounting & bookkeeping with precision, care and discretion and seeks to be part of a winning team.

Grace Ann has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and is currently working on her a Masters Degree in Business Administration. She has spent the past two years working in Dubai as a General Accountant and now seeks to find a stable and challenging role as a Virtual Assistant. Do your business a favor and hire this diligent and talented professional as your next Virtual Bookkeeper.



University of the Philippines
Master of Business Administration Program

Six months completed

University of San Carlos
Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting
24/7 Manpower Supply (Dubai)
General Accountant

• Prepares quotations for clients. • Ensures and maintains the accuracy of daily financial records • Analyzes and maintains the general ledger. • Prepares monthly journal entries and adjustments, including supporting documentation and appropriate descriptions. • Prepares monthly cost allocation, financial statements and bank reconciliations. • Ensures financial records are maintained as per internal and external audit requirements. • Prepares the monthly, quarterly and yearly financial closing. • Maintains files and documentation thoroughly and accurately in accordance with company policies and accepted accounting practices. • Payroll responsibilities • Administers accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Banco de Oro Unibank, Inc. (BDO)
Senior Accounting Assistant

• Supervises every aspect of branch accounting functions • Reviews balance sheet, general ledgers and income statement • Pays supplier invoices in a timely manner • Ensures correctness of General Ledger Accounts against CSA’s end of day reports. • Reviews all transaction documents. • Posting of General Journal entries. • Prepares manual adjusting entries (accruals, temporary accounts, and previous day’s erroneous validation). • Balancing of Supplies on hand. • Monitoring of Accountable forms working supply. • Processes outward checks. Verifies the total amount of actual checks against deposit slips. • Reviews negotiability and other details of checks. • Balancing and vouching of transaction documents. • Encoding of checks. • Prepares accounting reports. • Processes business permits

Civil Service Eligible (Professional Level)
Sangguniang Kabataan Councilor

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