Whether your needs are large or small, Stafftronix BPO Services can put together a top-level Inbound Call Center for your business. We hire only the best & brightest Filipino talent and combine it with expert Western Management and a robust training apparatus to ensure your project runs smoothly. Tell us a little about your needs by filling out our BPO Campaign Request Form.

Stafftronix recognizes the keys to attracting the industry’s best talent includes high pay & attractive benefit packages but more importantly providing an atmosphere where employees are challenged to improve upon their skill sets so they feel fully vested in the success of the campaign they are working on.

Our Western Executive team will work with your organization to ensure we understand your company goals and together with our top-level floor supervision will deploy with the same care and excellence you would expect from your own employees.

Stafftronix Inbound Call Centers can assist your Business Process Outsource needs by providing you the very best in:

  • Inbound Customer Service
  • Collections and payment processing
  • Order taking & Up-selling
  • Customer complaints and escalations
  • Dispatching and appointment setting

From our Grade-A offices in the heart of Cebu City’s corporate business district Stafftronix BPO provides our partners the peace of mind of knowing you wont be slowed down by power or internet outages and that your sensitive data is secure from both internal and external threats. That peace of mind is extended by the fact we have a contingency center in Ormoc, Leyte to ensure that even in the worst case scenario, your campaign wont skip a beat. We will handle all redundancy training and our process calls for split-testing personnel at both locations so you’ll get the very best.

Our managed, on-site IT Infrastructure utilizes multiple high-speed fiber optic ISP’s with a 12 Mbps main line, multiple back-up lines, and three 20 Mbps DSL lines. With secure servers and data storage from the United States, 24/7 round-the-clock on-site security in Cebu, CCTV, screen-monitoring and a fully controlled work environment, you and your customers vital data will be safe and secure.

With Stafftronix our management and leadership team are always on-site to ensure we deliver a level of security matched only by the excellence of the work we perform for you.

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