Always be closing! Sales, Lead Generation and Customer Service are the cornerstones to any successful business and we have you covered here too! The Executive Management of Stafftronix has been at the forefront of the Philippines BPO Sales & Telemarketing sector for over a decade and we want to help you put together a winning strategy that drives revenue and reduces cost. Let us know what your outbound needs are by filling out our BPO Campaign Request Form.

Contrary to popular believe, the Philippines BPO Voice Sector goes far beyond excellent customer service. Our CEO & Co-Founder, Paul Winters, helped develop an Inside Sales Team for a large US publisher that grew from a few single outbound  telemarketers calling back-list data into a thriving team generating over $2 million a month in revenue. Stafftronix would like to help your business achieve similar results. We’ve proven we have the talent and know-how to make it happen.

We can help you establish or refine your company’s telemarketing operation for lead generation, surveys or sales. We can also help you put together a winning customer service & care team to ensure your clients are happy & satisfied. Whatever your voice needs, Stafftronix will match you with talented professionals with excellent communication skills, an understanding of your market & industry and a work ethic unmatched anywhere in the world.

From our Grade-A offices in the heart of Cebu City’s corporate business district Stafftronix BPO provides our partners the peace of mind of knowing you wont be slowed down by power or internet outages and that your sensitive data is secure from both internal and external threats. That peace of mind is extended by the fact we have a contingency center in Ormoc, Leyte to ensure that even in the worst case scenario, your campaign wont skip a beat. We will handle all redundancy training and our process calls for split-testing personnel at both locations so you’ll get the very best.

Our managed, on-site IT Infrastructure utilizes multiple high-speed fiber optic ISP’s with a 12 Mbps main line, multiple back-up lines, and three 20 Mbps DSL lines. With secure servers and data storage from the United States, 24/7 round-the-clock on-site security in Cebu, CCTV, screen-monitoring and a fully controlled work environment, you and your customers vital data will be safe and secure.

With Stafftronix our management and leadership team are always on-site to ensure we deliver a level of security matched only by the excellence of the work we perform for you. Get started now!

Telemarketing & Lead Generation

Quality leads are the lifeblood of all successful sales strategies. While it goes without saying a solid Digital Marketing process is essential, there is still great value to be found in good ole’ fashion smiling & dialing. Stafftronix has earned a reputation for excellence in the Telemarketing field and we can put together a winning team to meet your lead generation needs.

Inside Sales
Looking to step it up a notch? Let Stafftronix enhance your already vibrant sales division by developing a strong team of Filipino closers. There is incredible talent here who have been trained & nurtured by leading companies such as J.P. Morgan, Lexmark, Chase and many others.

Try us out with some of your backlist leads and data and we’re confident that within a matter of months you’ll be looking to give our incredible sales professionals fresher leads and hitting higher & higher sales targets.

Stafftronix can also assist you with market research and customer surveys. By utilizing our cost-effective teams, your company or organization will be able to dial more names and collect more data. We work with and can integrate the leading technologies to ensure the data is properly organized and secure.

Stafftronix has also worked with non-profit charities and political organizations to help provide a much needed boost to fundraising drives. Whether its a regular, ongoing function or a last minute efforts where the stakes are high, we can put a quality team together for you in days!

Customer Service
The Philippines made its mark on the BPO Industry by delivering excellent and intuitive customer service Call Centers. At Stafftronix we help continue that tradition by providing you only the best & brightest in the industry.

Whether your needs are big or small we can assist in putting together the right personnel. With strong management & Western oversight your team will have high standards. Stafftronix has developed a strong culture of Training and Quality Control. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your customers get the very best service in the world. We can likely integrate your CS platforms rather easily or help you design from scratch.

Direct Chat
In the digital age its important you’re able to respond to inquiries the moment they happen. Stafftronix can provide you with cost effective 24/7 coverage so you never miss a customers concern or potential sale. Let us know your needs and we will the right personnel with high-end management and Western oversight. Stafftronix has developed a strong culture of Training & Quality Control. You’ll always enjoy the peace of mind knowing your customers get the very best service in the world. We can likely integrate your current chat platforms or help you design from scratch.

Built-In Redundancy
Stafftronix understands how vital your Call Center teams can be to your business. Because of this we guarantee 100% coverage on all multiple-staff sales & customer service teams. We will cross train extra personnel to ensure that your customers always receive the attention and devotion they deserve.


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