Stephanie is an English Grad with excellent Virtual Assistant experience and great work ethic She prides herself on being able to work within a fast-paced environment who can multitask and balance out the need for both meeting deadlines and maintaining excellence.

In her career as a Virtual Assistant Stephanie has had to handle a number of diverse tasks ranging from standard administration functions to managing a company’s entire social media presence. She’s sought constant improvement and development throughout her career and in particular has become quite gifted at spotting trending and relevant hashtags and deploying a strategy for maximum effectiveness.

Hiring Stephanie as your next Stafftronix Virtual Assistant will be a wise move for your company and will allow you to focus on the big picture of your business.




Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English




English Teacher


  • Organize activities or implement a curriculum that allow children to learn about the world and explore interests.


  • Develop schedules and routines to ensure that children have enough physical activity, rest, and playtime


  • Watch for signs of emotional or developmental problems in children and bring the problems to the attention of parents


  • Keep records of children’s progress, routines, and interest


  • Plan and deliver the programme in accordance with guidelines, frameworks and curriculum developed by the group.


  • Prepare and implement the programmes with age-appropriate teaching aids.


  • Supervise and monitor the safety of children in their care.



Virtual Assistant

Email Support Agent

  • Worked for Sonic Electronix Inc. and GK Houses
  • Answers inquiry about the product or properties;
  • Check the status of orders and applications; Check availability of the property
  • Enters data for customers’ information;
  • Verifies information regarding billing;
  • Determines eligibility by comparing client information to requirements;
  • Establishes policies by entering client information; confirming pricing;
  • Informs clients by explaining procedures; answering questions; providing information through email;
  • Provides solution for product technical issues;
  • Respond timely to the customers’ complains.

Social Media Management

  • Worked for  Franklin Lincoln Enterprises
  • Manage and schedule posts through Hootsuite for Yogurtland
  • Edit photos through Canva
  • Check postings every day in Instagram and Facebook
  • Searched strategies to gain followers like trending hashtags

Data Entry

  • Worked for FC Appraisals and Helvetica
  • Send orders and propertys’ MLS to the typist
  • Process property information and ratings
  • Respond to the typist inquiries regarding appraised properties
  • Add and create accounts and leads to the Sales Force account

Executive Assistant /Administrative Tasks

  • Worked for Solace Lifesciences and Helvetica Group of Company
  • Check schedule meetings and managed calendars
  • Set up appointments and meetings
  • Call and remind things to do for the day
  • Check bookings and business flights
  • Respond to emails regarding the product offered by the company
  • Report to the client in a daily basis
  • Communicate to different department if needed

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