Vivian is a hardworking bookkeeper & virtual assistant equipped with a never-quit attitude. She is team-orientated, a fast learner and adaptable to varying work environments.


Vivian is a dual Degree holder, with Bachelors in both Computer Science and Physical Therapy but once she entered the workforce found she had a gift & passion for numbers and has done extensive work in Bookkeeping.

She’s talented and takes great pride in her work. Vivian will make a wonderful addition to your team as your next virtual assistant.


Felipe R. Verallo Memorial Foundation, Inc.


Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

Cebu Institute of Technology – University


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Professional Highlights

Probox Cebu Manufacturing, Inc.



v  Record Sales and Purchases entries in the journal.

v  Monitor Monthly Sales and Purchases for VAT computation.

v  Monitor Aging report of customers.

Horeb Resources & Ventures, Inc.


Bookkeeper & Executive Assistant

v  Received invoices and matched them to appropriate purchase orders.

v  Scheduled payment of payables.

v  Prepared cheques and obtained the necessary signatures for them.

v  Encoded expenses on Quickbooks account.

v  Checked payroll entries and encoded them to RCBC online payment.

v  Monitored billings and called the client for payment.

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