Professional speakers face all the challenges of running a full-time business with the added strain of often living out of a suitcase. They are used to working from a hotel room without staff to delegate tasks to, and while this can create a sense of empowerment this can result in lost opportunities. Just as many brick & mortar businesses and online startups have benefited from utilizing virtual assistants, so too can professional speakers. If you’ve ever returned home from out of town speaking engagements to find yourself swamped with emails and a host of other piled-up tasks then hiring a Stafftronix Virtual Assistant might be the perfect answer for you.

Professional speakers & virtual assistants are a perfect match made in heaven

A virtual assistant can offer you help as a full or part-time team member. Finding a talented & reliable virtual assistant can be one of the smartest business decisions you can make. By hiring a VA you are not responsible for employee taxes, health insurance, or any office space or computer equipment, Stafftronix takes care of all that.

5 Ways Professional Speakers Can Benefit From a Virtual Assistant

1. Handling the Phone. Sometimes meeting planners and professional speaker bureaus can be impatient and having someone answer calls right away can make help you avoid lost opportunities and enhance your brand reputation. Your VA can pick up your voice mails and return phone calls. Technology being what it is today, Stafftronix can not only provide your Virtual Assistant with a phone number that matches your local area (or anywhere in the country for that matter) we can generally have your calls forwarded directly to your VA. As we are a 24/7 operation we can even offer off-hours live answering service.

2. Editing & Sending Your E-Zine. Set up your e-zine (newsletter) in a template in your email marketing system like Aweber, Infusionsoft, or Convertkit. Once you write the newsletter and send it over to your virtual assistant to proofread and edit, the newsletter will be sent back to you for the final approval. Once approved the VA will set up the launch date for the newsletter and upload it to your email service provider to send out weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. They can also send you stats of how many people bounced, how many people actually opened the email they received and how many click through on a link that was provided if you have one.

3. Work With Speaker Bureaus. You Virtual Assistant can keep the professional speaker industry bureau updated on professional speaker rates and speaking topics, send them travel arrangements and make sure that they pay on time. She also can find out when a professional speaker is needed.

4. Update & Maintain Your YouTube Channel. As any professional speaker will attest, your YouTube Channel is the lifeblood of your business. It is where you draw new engagements and develop your following. Stafftronix trains our Virtual Assistants to handle all the essential duties of a YouTube Channel Manager so that you can rest assured your online audience grows.

5. Social Media Management & Content Creation. Like any business you need a solid Digital Marketing imprint to stay competitive. Stafftronix understands this and will provide your Virtual Assistant with all the necessary tools to ensure your social media channels are drawing views, likes and leads. We can assist with video creation & editing and implement a full digital marketing strategy to grow your business.


  • Shipping Promotional Material. When you are on the road you don’t have the time to ship your books or other materials. You can be away for days or weeks at a time. Your VA can take care of the shipping and all that is involved with it for you. She also can process credit card payments and prepare the invoices. If any problems arise with the shipping of your promotional material your VA can take care of that too.
  • Database and Business Cards Maintenance. Once you return from your speaking engagement, you have a list of people who have filled out a form of some sort and have asked to be added to your email mailing list. Your Virtual Assistant can take care of that for you and that would be one less thing that you would have to worry about getting to. Also if you have a stack of business cards that have been laying around for months collecting dust, your VA can also scan all of those cards into your database for future mailings.
  • There’s almost no limit to what a Virtual Assistant can do to help a Professional Speaker increase their reputation and success.

When you go with a proven industry leader like Stafftronix, a Virtual Assistant can be a professional speakers best friend. As a fellow business owner I know it is hard for you to certain tasks but in the end you will see the benefit of having less stress and more time to take care of the big-picture matters you really need to be concentrating on. At Stafftronix Virtual Assistant we are vested in your success and you have my personal guarantee we will find you a talented & reliable game-changer, so fill out the information form below. You’ll find it the best business decision you make all year.

Paul M Winters
CEO & Co-Founder
Stafftronix Virtual Assistants

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