Appointment Setter Script

  • Hello, (Insert business Owners Name here if available) how are you? Great!


  • This is (Insert Name) calling on behalf of ______ Business solutions!


  • You guys are still taking debit and credit cards, right?


  • (If they state they are not the decision maker then ask for the business owner here.)


  • Fantastic! Our program allows small/medium sized businesses to gain access to a proprietary program that can eliminate up to 100% of your credit card processing fees! You would be open to changing your payment processing account if we could eliminate your fees, right?


  • (Objection – “I don’t want to change my equipment!” – No worries Mr./Mrs. Merchant you don’t have to change your equipment as we can download our software right into your current system, or we will give you free equipment if needed!”)
  • (Objection – “Just send me some information.” – No problem. We will fire out some information with a calendar invite so you have an opportunity to speak to our (name of Account Executive) for a quick follow up on that info so (he/she) can explain it in detail. You’re definitely going to want to hear how this works!”
  • (Objection – “Is this that cash discounting / surcharging thing? We don’t want to charge our customers more bypass fees directly to them!” – “We completely understand! However, in your industry this has become the norm and in order to compete with other business in your industry you will at least want to look and see what your competitors are doing right?”
    • (And / Or): “No worries, we also have a program with no upfront cost, free equipment, and that allows you to cancel anytime.  Typically, we save our merchants about 30% on their fees with this program.  Surely, with a no risk program like this you would be open to change, right?”


  • Great! The good news is, once you work with our Account Executive to get you approved, your fees will essentially be eliminated (or replace with: Greatly reduced on “No Contract” program). You can see the value in that, right?


  • Excellent! So, in order to get you qualified for this program, we are going to need about 10-15 minutes of your time to sit with (Name of Account Executive) to explain how the program works and show you how we will eliminate (or replace with: reduce) your fees!


  • When is the best time of the day tomorrow for (Name of Agent) to call you, morning or afternoon?


  • Monday or Tuesday (option and narrow appointment to close.)
  • Appointments to be set for the next day whenever possible


  • And you would have access to a computer or mobile phone at that time, right?


  • Perfect! I am just going to quickly put you on the line with my assistant so she can confirm your information and quickly just get you added to our calendar.


  • Cool down (small talk with merchant; tone down, stay in control) and live transfer to confirm appointment.



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