John L
Virtual Assistant
Customer Service
ESL Tutoring
Human Resource Management

John is a talented Virtual Assistant equipped with extensive experience in Walmart Automation Drop-shipping Services, Amazon Seller Central, Helium 10, ESL Tutoring and Human Resource.

He employs excellent leadership skills and multi-tasking strengths. In his roles, John has demonstrated the ability to improve store operations, increase top line sales, and reduce costs.

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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Iligan Institute of Technology2021
Virtual Assistant
Walmart Automation Team-Iligan2020 – 2021

 Handles a number of Walmart Stores.

 Handles a number of Amazon Prime accounts.

 Process orders, on Amazon thru Walmart.

 Resolving issues for Walmart products – re-pricing and


 Customer service (Walmart).

 Walmart product listing from different sources.

 Order Fulfillment and Tracking

Virtual Assistant
Amazon2020 – 2021

 Handles client’s Amazon seller central FBA account

 Customer service representative

 Inventory management and analytics using the platform

Helium 10

 Product listing check up

 Updating sales report

 Social media tasks

ESL Tutor
Native Camp2020

 The Native Camp community is made up of Japanese students of all ages (from primary school to adults) and tutors from a variety of backgrounds (such as professional teachers, graduate teachers and social teachers).

 Responsibilities: To aid the needs of our learners especially with the basic skills of English language.

 Platform: Uses their own website to directly teach learners.