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Hiring a bilingual Virtual Assistant can open your business to the world. Tu habla español? German? Mandarin? Korean? French? You might not but your current or potential customer base might. In a world connected by technology being able to connect and converse with growing market segments can provide you true power in the marketplace. Since 1990 the number of native Spanish-speakers has more than doubled to nearly 40 million. There are eight languages with over a million Americans who use this as their primary tongue. Hiring a Bilingual Virtual Assistant from Stafftronix can help you reach more markets than ever before!

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In an ever-shrinking world, having a bilingual or multilingual virtual assistant can open entirely new customer markets for your business.

Opening up these markets can be vital to the long-term growth of your company. While its true that in most cases individuals who speak another language also fluently speak English, having someone who can perform that initial engagement in their mother tongue can endear you to the prospect.

In the Unites States alone, the Spanish consumer market has grown exponentially and is expected to surpass $2 Trillion by 2020. Studies show English-speaking Latinos are 2.4 times more likely to convert on ads in Spanish than in English.

Stafftronix Bilingual Virtual Assistants have been particularly successful in lead generation, developing initial rapport in native tongues before passing the future client over to an English-speaker. This not only expands your company’s scope but provides you with a reputation of a diverse and growing organization to be reckoned with!


Stafftronix is strategically positioned to assist you in your multilingual needs. Our Main Headquarters are in Cebu City, Philippines which is not only one of the largest employers in the Business Process Outsource (BPO) Industry, but a growing hub for ESL (English as a Second Language). The Philippines is also a former colony of Spain, and most commonly known for its English excellence, Spanish fluency is still fairly strong. The BPO industry has made the Philippines a truly global business destination, with American, Australian, German, British, Indian and Japanese and other foreign companies establishing large presences here. As such, the Philippines has earned a worldwide reputation for language diversity, something you can put toward great strategic advantage in your business.

multilingual services
Australia is quickly reaching levels of language diversity comparable with places such as the US.

Your bilingual Virtual Assistant is not simply a multilingual customer service agent but a talented & reliable professional trained in a number of disciplines. Depending on your needs we can find you someone with skills in bookkeeping, digital marketing, content writing, web development or a host of other vital skill sets needed in the modern marketplace. Together we can help you find the perfect fit to open up new markets.

Whether  your goal is to reach foreign-speaking clients in your home country or take your business global and reach clients outside your borders, Stafftronix Bilingual Virtual Assistant Services can be your answer. We can find you the perfect multilingual virtual assistant for the long-term but also provide you with someone who can help on a limited project, such as translating your web content and marketing materials into targeted languages.

Stafftronix Virtual Assistants is a truly global staffing company, with Virtual Assistants based in the Philippines, Colombia, Nicaragua, the United States, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Belarus and elsewhere with the skills and language ability to help you reach new markets and dominated your competition. Fill out the brief contact form below so we can get in touch, have a quick chat and find out how a bilingual Virtual Assistant can help turn your business dreams into your personal legacy of success.



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