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My Virtual Bookkeeper from Stafftronix Virtual Assistants has built a sterling reputation in managing bookkeeping services for small to medium sized businesses. We take our role seriously and understand that maintaining a long-term relationship requires we go beyond simple bean-counting and serve as your first lone of defense in analyzing the financial strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats.


One key area where technology has enabled startups & small business to take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing is with bookkeeping & accounting services. Given the cost advantages, as well as secure networks and established safeguards, outsourcing the tedious tasks of bookkeeping has more popular than ever.

Our top-level bookkeepers will save you accounting headaches and provide you that vital one-on-one support needed to help you navigate your finances. You will be assigned a highly-trained and certified bookkeeper up-to-date on all the latest financial reporting requirements and software. All work conducted is provided oversight by our Australian & American Management Team so you’ll always know you’re books are in good hands.

Stafftronix Virtual Assistants is a global leader in the providing top-level Virtual Assistants and staffing to small & medium sized businesses. We established My Virtual Bookkeeper as we found that while so many of our clients were talented entrepreneurs and business owners, many had the same problem in common….keeping their books in order.

As your business grows so does your need for comprehensive and disciplined bookkeeping methods. With our robust local recruitment apparatus in the Philippines, we have access to a nearly unlimited source of talented Bookkeepers and Accountants. This means to can be quite selective in who we bring onto our team and can bring you the absolute best & brightest talent in the business.


Stafftronix My Virtual Bookkeeper will ensure you’ll have all your bank transactions recorded and balanced, whether you utilize QuickBooks, Xero or whatever software you utilize.

We’ll make sure you have a firm, clear grasp of your current cash position.

Your Virtual Assistant Bookkeeper will manage all of your invoicing and customer transactions so that you get paid on time! Stafftronix will shorten your cash cycle, bring order to your invoicing process and provide exceptional customer service.

My Virtual Bookkeeper from Stafftronix will help you get your payables in order by organizing them into proper records so you’ll be fully prepared for your payment runs.

If needed, we can process payments for you via our third-party partners or utilize your existing process so your vendors are paid in a timely fashion and your cash-flow is easier to manage.

One of the biggest pitfalls of a growing business is keeping track of credit card spending. Whether you use your person or corporate cards, we’ll record transactions and organize them so you can manage expenses and keep better track of your spending.

Stafftronix My Virtual Bookkeeper can establish and update proper financial reporting for your business. Among some of the reports we can manage are:

Balance Sheets

Income Statements

Weekly Cash Flow Forecasts

Accounts Receivable Reports

Accounts Payable Reports

Custom Internal Reports

You’ve built a successful and growing business but as it grows, so too will your Financial Oversights needs. Stafftronix Virtual CFO Services and keep your growing business on the right financial track.

Stafftronix will provide you will access to Senior CPA’s & a Financial Analysis team that can provide you reports and forecasts so you’ll know when to expand hiring, open up new market and sales channels, develop a financial SWAT, create monetary safety nets to inoculate yourself against downturns and so much more.




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