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There was a time when location use to be the key to success, but in an algorithm-driven business world where quality counts, the new mantra is Content, Content, Content!

In today’s marketplace, the importance of content marketing cannot be underscored. Business success is highly-driven on websites with SEO-friendly content. Content is at the heart of most digital marketing campaigns and an absolute necessity for building strong brand awareness. Developing an eye-catching and user-friendly website is important, but all for not without investing in content that will drive users to the site.

Stafftronix content writers are expected to maintain high standards. We grade them on ensuring all finished products are at a level of excellence before given the green light.

Stafftronix Virtual Assistants can help you in this all-important aspect with a talented and marketing-driven Content Writer. We’ve developed a solid reputation in the Philippines and as such attract the best & brightest talent available. The BPO industry is filled with talented & creative writers who got their start with some of the worlds largest companies.

Once they’ve established the disciplines and training afforded with these companies, many branch off to become Virtual Assistants where they not only earn more money, but have the creative freedom to pick & choose the sort of industries and products they write for. This is where Stafftronix can be a game-changer for you. Not only will we find you a talented & dedicated content writer, but one who has an active interest in your products & services.

This can help you achieve fresh & engaging content for your website & blogs, drawing the interest of readers and turn them into customers. Hiring professional writers and agencies to develop your content can be extremely expensive. Stafftronix will provide you a quality solution at an incredibly affordable price.


Having solid content establishes your brand as a subject matter expert. Brilliant content is an excellent way to establish your industry bona fides. As you educate the reader, you’re also establishing yourself as the company to do business with.

Engaging blog posts that teach the reader something they didn’t previously know, will substantially increase your chances of gaining that customer.

Great content comes from solid research. Your Stafftronix Content Writer will take the time to research the subject matter thoroughly before writing about it. Stafftronix Virtual Assistants are trained and given the tools needed to educate themselves on their subject matter and wil bring this to your content & blog posts.

We don’t cut corners just to churn out words. We recognize your reputation is our reputation and don’t retain writers unless they take great pride in their work.

Gaining trust is essential when trying to turn readers into leads and then into customers. Creating informative & captivating custom content is one of the best possible ways to enhance your brands reputation and build good will with the marketplace.

By establishing you as an one of the intellectual leaders of your industry, this will also help develop customer loyalty. As anyone in business knows, keeping your current customer base is as important as finding new business.

Clever blogs and website material means nothing if nobody ever sees it. Stafftronix will gear content marketing efforts with this in mind. Your Virtual Assistant will use our proven formula to help your business build and improve search engine optimization (SEO).

This can help you greatly reduce ad spend, as its shown business websites that post consistent blog content have more than 400 percent more pages indexed by search engines than those that merely rely on landing pages and AdWords advertising. We know the tricks to get you more exposure.

Stafftronix Content Writers & Editors look beyond the obvious. Yes, the initial goal is to bring more readers to your website and engage them enough to become leads, but what comes next? We take a “multi-funnel” approach to content creation by looking at all stages of a sales process.

We begin by establishing your company as the one who can satisfy the prospects problem or need. Next, we present content that begins to educate them on the different options you can provide. This helps them narrow their choices and conditions them for closing.

Next we drive content that reassures them and and empowers them to make that final decision to become your customer.

Whether your business utilizes email marketing, PPC ads, social media or a combination of all we have you covered. Stafftronix knows its important to have a content strategy in place that compliments each aspect of your digital marketing plan. Having consistent & quality content will compliment each aspect of your digital marketing strategy and establish your brand as an intellectual driver in your industry.


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