At Stafftronix Business Solutions we understand how tough it can be to run a successful small or medium sized business. Hiring a Virtual Assistant can definitely be the answer you’re looking for. But dealing with freelancers or unknown staffing agencies can be a risky proposition. We’ve mitigated that risk with a process designed to find you the right fit for your needs.

We have a simple four-step process designed to ensure you get the perfect help you need. You may read our blog for more details on the our to find the perfect Virtual Assistant for you, but we’ve taken the liberty of summarizing it for you below:

  1. Identify Your Needs – We’ll begin by having a quick chat to better understand your needs. To find the right virtual assistant, its important for us to find out exactly what you want to achieve.
  2. Develop a clear & concise Job Description – This is such a vital piece of the puzzle and the key to finding the right candidates for you. Stafftronix will take the time to put together a draft for your approval & recommendations, then begin placing candidates.
  3. Sourcing & Vetting of Qualified Candidates – Rather than sending you an endless stream of resumes to download and read, we will do the job of sifting through the haystack to find you the sharpest & most-talented of the bunch, and provide you a few VA page links for you to choose your finalists. We also take the time to understand you as a person. Finding the right IQ/EQ fit is vital to making this work for you.
  4. Interview & Choose Your Perfect Virtual Assistant – Once you’ve picked your short-list you’ll get the chance to interview them face-to-face (over video conferencing of course) so you can find not only the most gifted VA, but one who matches your management style.

Once you’ve conducted interviews its time for you to make your choice. At Stafftronix, choice is the key word. Not only do YOU choose your Virtual Assistant but you have the choice of full or part-time packages. You also enjoy the flexibility of choosing when you need your VA the most. They can work hours concurrent to you or take care of tasks while you sleep. You can begin your day one step ahead of your competition. We’re a 24/7 operation, so you tell us when your virtual assistant needs to be on duty.

Utilizing a virtual assistant can be a powerful game-changer. You will free up your time to focus on your core goals and grow your business. But this works only if the process is handled by a company that has your best interest at heart. At Stafftronix we fully understand that in order for us to be successful it is imperative we help make your staffing solution a successful venture. As we like to say, your success is our mandate and as such we will work hard and ensure you get the prefect virtual assistant for your needs.

  • What industry is your business in? When possible we'll look for someone with experience in your field.
  • Give us the best # to reach you. Please include country code for outside US
  • Please let us know the skills your VA will need

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