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Its a brand new era and Digital Marketing is moving in a thousand different directions. One of the more vital is interactive video. Interactive video is now the fastest growing trend in brand marketing. 70 percent of marketers say this form of marketing engages the audience far better than traditional video and 68 percent believe it will become the most important component of modern marketing.

Popular culture is helping to move this trend along even faster. The success of Netflix Black Mirror: Bandersmash proves there’s a market for interactive programming aimed at the adult market. As consumers become more familiar and comfortable utilizing interactive video it stands to reason that this will becomes standard for advertisers across numerous industries and brands.

Interactive video currently can be a quite expensive and/or tedious process Unless you’re a professional coder, or willing to invest thousands with a Digital Marketing Agency as a small or medium sized business owner you probably think this is out of your scope at the moment. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER THAN THE TRUTH! 

If you become a client of Stafftronix Virtual Assistants, we want to help your business grow and as such offer this to you as part of your service, if you hire a full-time Social Media or Digital Marketer. As a special Valentines Treat, clients signing up in February will get a FREE INTERACTIVE VIDEO, irrespective of Virtual Assistant role you hire!

Here are a couple of basic examples. Here is a “coupon” CTA video which prompts the user to provide their email address on the promise of a money-saving coupon for their choice of Mexican food dish. By engaging the audience to make their choice, you are much more likely to get the viewer to opt-in and as such build your Email Marketing Campaign (EMC) database.

Keep in mind these are using video templates & images. We can certainly utilize these if you wish, although actual footage of your establishment (or yourself) is preferred. Obviously it should be done as professionally as possible, but you’d be amazed how great it   which we certaily can

In this example, an Electrician highlights the various services he offers, with a display phone number upon the prospective customers choice. Of course, this can be replaced with an email gathering form, redirect to webpage or social media, or even a click to call feature.


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