There was a time when location meant everything in business and to a degree this is still true. In today’s marketplace, where your business is located on a standard Google search is more vital than what neighborhood your business calls home.

The biggest factor for startups and small business in the competitive 2020 landscape is the SEO score of your website & blogs. Stafftronix Virtual Assistants can provide you with the keys to the SEO kingdom without charging you outrageous fees you’ll find with so-called experts who are all essentially following a similar blueprint.

In today’s competitive market, the importance of sound, SEO-friendly content marketing cannot be underscored. Business success is highly-driven on clients finding you fast & easy when they search out services similar to yours. Content is at the heart of most digital marketing campaigns and an absolute necessity for building strong brand awareness.

Developing an eye-catching and user-friendly website is important, but all for not without investing in SEO content that will drive users to the site.

Stafftronix content writers are expected to maintain high standards. We grade them on ensuring all finished products are at a level of excellence before given the green light.

Stafftronix Virtual Assistants can help you in this all-important aspect with a talented and marketing-driven Virtual Assistants trained in sound & reliable SEO strategies. Despite the claims of some, there is no “magic-bullet” that will drive your website to page one of Google with just a few little tricks.

Consistency & accuracy is what will take your websites SEO rank from the dismal 50’s to the 80’s and above. Stafftronix utilizes a number of different SEO tools and have developed a sound process your Virtual Assistant will implement.

There is certainly no end to the amount of information you can find to help you achieve higher SEO scores, but the question is do you have adequate resources to accomplish these very labor-intensive tasks. As a founder and/or owner you have far too much on your plate to tackle these projects and stateside costs and consultants are often cost-prohibitive, and that’s where Stafftronix can help.

Your Virtual Assistant can diligently follow our tried & tested process to ensure all your pages and images are optimized for search engine compatibility. They can fix broken links, non-compliant titles, add appropriate subheadings and all the needed tasks to boost your SEO rating.

This can help you achieve fresh & engaging content for your website & blogs that readers can actually find and turn them into customers without spending a fortune on AdWords.

Hiring professional writers and agencies to improve your SEO ratings can be extremely expensive and come with no guarantees. Stafftronix will provide you a quality solution at an incredibly affordable price.


It all begins, of course, with appropriate keywords. Your primary keywords should reflect both the audience you’re targeting but needs also be relevant to your content or Google will penalize you. Step #1 in this process is analyzing each page of your website to ensure you not only have designated keywords but that they help, rather than hinder your ability to be found.

Step #1 is simply housecleaning. Once we ensure all pages have appropriate keywords, they’ll also analyze if you’d be better suited to make subtle keyword changes to grab underappreciated niches within your consumer target.

While this sort of strategy is often used in AdWords campaign planning, it often gets forgotten with SEO enhancements.

Ensuring your images and other media have appropriate ALT attributes(alternative description) can greatly improve your SEO score and its a key part of our checklist. We’re amazed how many of our clients either haven’t added these to their media or utilize non-matching tags.

This is helpful when, for whatever reason, an image cannot be viewed but can also positively or negatively impact your search engine rankings. 

Have we mentioned the importance of keywords? In addition to the aforementioned keyword tips, its important to ensure you have proper keyword density (not too much, not too little) that keywords are added to your SEO titles and URL’s, in Meta Descriptions.

Its not uncommon that brilliantly crafted blogs & web-pages neglect these vital steps and end up on page 30 rather than where they deserve to be listed, at the top of Page 1 on Google.

Speaking of one, did you know that having a number in your title improves your SEO score? While its not always feasible and can make some posts appear awkward, whenever possible implement this tip.

Stafftronix Virtual Assistants uses a number of SEO tools & plug-ins to get you the best possible result.

There are a number of extremely helpful tools on the market, each having their own strengths & weaknesses. Rank Math SEO is a particularly useful plugin that gives a great overall analysis of your pages SEO scores. look beyond the obvious.

The most commonly used SEO tool used by small business is Yoast SEO, and while it is a very user-friendly tool it the free version somewhat limited. That said, it provides excellent analysis on readability, power words and other content-driven factors, which makes it helpful to utilize as well.

We will use a combination of these and other tools to help analyze your web pages to give you the best results.

As previously noted, there are no magic tricks to improving your SEO rankings, its about diligence & consistency. We have a full checklist your Virtual Assistant will follow on each page to ensure your optimized to the fullest.

We are also constantly looking at the latest trends and tips within the industry to ensure you stay on top of your SEO scores and have the best chance to beat your competition and put those marketing resources to better use!

Clever blogs and website material means nothing if nobody ever sees it. Your Stafftronix Virtual Assistant will use our proven formula to help your business build and improve your search engine optimization (SEO) scores and build a solid base of organic traffic.

This can help you greatly reduce ad spend, as its shown business websites that post consistent & SEO-friendly content have more than 400 percent more pages indexed by search engines than those that merely rely on landing pages and AdWords advertising. Stafftronix Virtual Assistants will get you more exposure.


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