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In the modern marketplace its essential to have a strong, vibrant and most of all strategic social media plan. Companies large Powerful Social Media Marketing for 2020 1and small are finding a sound social media marketing strategy increasingly essential in building brand recognition, lead generation and client communications. This can be a particularly daunting task for small business & solopreneurs with limited resources. Stafftronix has the answer with talented, creative and experienced virtual assistants who have grown up on social media and are ready for deployment. Let them bring their skills & unique perspective to the task of letting prospective customers see the very best of your business on the established, as well as up & coming platforms.

Whether you need a social media strategy to acquire new leads & customers or keep your client base informed, hiring a talented social media virtual assistant is your answer. For less the cost of a janitor you can bring someone with talent, market savvy and an eye for the creative onto your team and add a breath of fresh air to all social platforms.

A Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant can bring incredible value to any small business. From ensuring blogs & updates are posted, to gathering vital lead generation data on your followers this role has proven to be a game changer. If you’re like most entrepreneurs and small business owners you have a long checklist of enhancements to your social media strategy that can greatly improve your business. But like most, time and resources often out these plans on the back-burner. No more!

Despite constant predictions of its demise, Facebook continues to grow. With nearly 2 billion active users uts a platform your business cant ignore. They key, however, is a well thought out and expertly deployed strategy. Knowing what not to post can often be as important as what to post. Your Virtual Assistant will come with the experience & social media marketing to understand whats needed to achieve the results you’re looking for.

If done right, Facebook can help you increase sales & lead generation, customer service & communication as well as enable you to recruit and hire better employees and keep them better engaged. By allowing Stafftronix creative social media VA’s to develop a winning strategy, you’re sure to outfox your competition and be well on your way to more Likes, Shares & sales!

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  • Organize Likes & Followers into Leads & Customers
  • Find which Facebook Groups are relevant to your business goals
  • Ensure you have consistent posts relevant to your growing audience
  • Design eye-catching images that prompts your audience to action
  • Analyze marketing potential so “Boosted” posts get the best bang for their buck
  • Organize client-facing pages as well as separate pages for Recruitment, Employee Engagement & Development
  • And so much more!

While best known as a means to troll celebrities and witness the best in political demagoguery, Twitter can also be a powerful tool to enhance brand awareness and expand your customer base. Cracking the Twitter code isn’t easy, but when done right can take a virtually unknown company viral in the matter of hours.

Your Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant can be a very cost-effective way to penetrate the masses and put your small company on the map. The keys to Twitter are eye-catching content, images & videos. Its also as much about who you Follow as who you can get to Follow you. Adding a relevant & intelligent reply to a single post can produce as much brand awareness as ten thousand dollar marketing campaign. Timing (and hashtags #) is essential but being prepared for that magic moment makes all the difference. You & your VA, together with Stafftronix, will analyze what you message your target audience will respond to then look for applicable Twitter accounts to track. By incorporating alerts from targeted influence makers & topics, we can make sure your company is that head of comment trails, providing the visibility needed to get your message across to thousands, even millions.

  • Organize Likes, Re-Tweets & Followers into Leads & Customers
  • Find which Twitter users, hashtags influence makers & media feeds are relevant to your business goals
  • Ensure you have consistent posts relevant to your growing audience
  • While repetition can hurt you with Facebook, with Twitter its key, we’ll automate your posts to reach as many as possible
  • Design eye-catching images & videos that prompts your audience to action
  • Develop automated “alerts” so when high-profile accounts post relevant topics your company can be part of the conversation
  • And so much more!

Long-thought a platform for job hunting, LinkedIn is so much more and although it can be the most effective way to develop a sound B2B marketing strategy, its often overlooked by small businesses. With a sound strategy, LinkedIn can help you develop networks that will facilitate growth and could expand your business in ways you’ve never dreamed possible.

In terms of Lead Generation, LinkedIn has a particularly effective Sales Navigator tool that is among the best and most cost-effective on the market. Unlike many data list services on the market, this tool can help get you directly in front of decision makers of companies and industries you need to focus on. Utilizing LinkedIn to grow your business can be very effective but as with all things having a sound strategy and the time to implement it is the key. Allow Stafftronix to take this off your plate with a Social Media Virtual Assistant who knows the tricks of the trade.

  • Grow & Organize Follower network into Leads & Customers
  • Find which LinkedIn users, influence makers & Group feeds are relevant to your business goals
  • Ensure you have consistent posts relevant to your growing audience
  • Utilize LinkedIn’s SalesNavigator tool as an effective lead generation source
  • Position you as an industry-expert and vital influence-maker in your field with use of blogs and specific content
  • Save you time and make sure you don’t miss opportunities by keeping your message box up to date
  • And so much more!

One of the fastest-growing platforms out there, Instagram can be an especially effective way to show off the creativity of your company. In a marketplace with an increasingly short attention span, a beautiful image with a carefully crafted marketing message can reach so many more than a thousand word blog.

Let your Social Media VA use their skills & talents to finally get your company on the Instagram map and show off its very best. We’ll begin by identifying your target audience and creating the right content. Once implemented we will analyze and understanding the results, with the goal of constant refinement. Being unique if the key to capturing audience attention on Instagram, and your Virtual Assistant will have the creative talents to do just that!.

  • Develop a purposeful Instagram strategy
  • Conceptualize, develop & produce winning content
  • Develop Call-to-Action strategies
  • Run promos & discounts
  • Use attractive visuals
  • Create & implements landing pages for lead acquisition
  • And so much more!

Throughout history the one constant of the marketplace has been change. Social Media only hastens this trend. To survive in business today its vital you have your hand on the pulse of social and consumer attitudes and having a dedicated Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant is an excellent way to ensure you don’t get left behind.

In addition to being on watch for the next big trend in emerging social network platforms, your VA will keep your company up to date on the attitudes and trends users are adapting. Imagine if you had developed your Instagram strategy two years ago, before all your competitors did? This is the power that having a Virtual Assistant dedicated to your social media strategy can bring. Let Stafftronix help you stay light years ahead!




  • What industry is your business in? When possible we'll look for someone with experience in your field.
  • Give us the best # to reach you. Please include country code for outside US
  • Please let us know the skills your VA will need
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