Video Editing has become a vital aspect of the 21st Century marketplace.More than ever, it is essential to have a plan in place for video production and editing. A recent Hubspot study found that 83 percent of consumers are comfortable sharing relevant video content with their friends.

Present your brand and captivate your audience with dazzling imagines, colors & effects by utilizing Stafftronix Virtual Assistants professional Video Editing Solutions. We will create professional, cinematic-quality videos for you to display on your business website or social media platforms.

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Let Stafftonix create a clever blackboard/whiteboard animated project to use as a video or GIF. Only $25!

You’ll have access to our top of the line software tools as well as our nearly limitless supply of white-labeled stock images, video & music library. Of course your Virtual Assistant video editor can incorporate your content into the videos (this is highly desires) or mix & match you create amazing videos you’ll be proud to call your own.

Access to this service is always complimentary when you hire a Stafftronix Virtual Assistant, but even if you aren’t a current client and have a pressing needs for a high-quality video presentation we can assist you. Most video editing projects can be completed in 48 hours or less. Videos under a minute (perfect for Instagram are priced at $100 USD while projects up to 3 minutes run no more than $250.

You’ll find various examples below, but we have hundreds of styles & templates available to ensure we find just the right concept to help you dazzle your audience and grow your business. Let’s have a chat and see how Stafftronix Virtual Assistants can help you show your brand off to the world!





Stafftronix Virtual Assistants have a number of talented, creative & reliable video editors and content creators who can help you achieve your business goals.

Stafftronix recognizes our success is vested in your success. For that reason we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you hire a Virtual Assistant.  If you’re not satisfied with your Virtual Assistant, we don’t expect you to jeopardize your business with something that isn’t working for you.

Our program has an option for you to replace your Virtual Assistant. Once you’ve gone through interviews and make your choice, we do expect they’ll be given a reasonable opportunity to meet the requirements of the role. Just as when you hire an employee in your local area, sometimes things just don’t work out.

In these cases you’ll be able to choose alternative candidates who may be a better fit. We take pride in our placement process which allows you to peruse and interview an unlimited selection of qualified candidates and this extends beyond the hiring stage. This way you get all the benefits the outsource market can provide without the risks associated with hiring a freelancer.

At Stafftronix Business Solutions we understand how tough it can be to run a successful small or medium sized business. While hiring a Virtual Assistant can definitely be the answer your looking for, we also recognize dealing with freelancers or unknown staffing agencies can be a risky proposition. Stafftronix Virtual Assistants understands that customer service is what separates us from the competition and we are dedicated to working hard to ensure you will be successful!

While every company in the marketplace makes obligatory overtures to its commitment to customer service, its something we take very seriously. At Stafftronix we recognize our success is vested in your success and as such we go above & beyond to ensure your Virtual Assistant experience is a winning one for your business.

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