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The life of a Real Estate Agent or Broker is a demanding one, where success requires dedication, persistence and above all putting in the time. While we cant list and sell homes for you, we can provide you with the crucial help you need for 2021 in the form of a trained, talented and dedicated Virtual Real Estate Assistant.

Also known as REVA’s, a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA) can assist your growing business in a number of ways, most importantly saving you time which allows you to be less task-orientated so you can regain focus on the big picture, selling more homes.

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Your Virtual Real Estate Assistant will be trained and skilled on a number of platforms and software crucial to your success, such as Zillow, Trulia, Rainmaker, Settlement Room, IMPREV, Visual Tour and a host of others. We have a number of REVA’s with muti-year experience in the industry and boast of the leading training & development programs in the BPO industry.

real estate virtual assistantStafftronix also understands that every professionals needs are different, so we offer flexible packages that range from five hours a week for those just starting out, all the way to full-time dedicated REVA’s to help you along the road to greatness.

Do yourself a favor and have schedule a quick chat so we can get a better understanding of your needs and match you with the perfect candidates for you to choose from.

Stafftronix Virtual Assistants hires only the best & brightest with a proven track record of providing clients with the highest-level of assistance with the added security of knowing we are managing the entire process and protecting your business.

Find the Perfect Virtual Real Estate Assistant for 2021 2
Let Stafftronix provide you dynamic & attention grabbing property listing videos for Social Media.
Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant can be a valuable time-saver and fact-checker for you and assist with the mountain of paperwork involved in your transactions.

From following up on certifications, chasing down documents from the broker or Title Company, to scanning and filing documents in a clean and organized fashion, your REVA will be your document guru. [/vc_column_text]

Your Virtual Real Estate Assistant can oversee each & every aspect of the your sellers transaction from outreach to executing purchase agreements.

Your REVA will be trained to prepare all listing materials, including pre-Listing presentations, Listing Agreements, sellers disclosures, research MLS listings, prepare competitive market analysis, pull online property profiles and so much more!.

Gain greater marketing penetration by turning over time-consuming but necessary marketing tasks to your Stafftronix Virtual Real Estate Assistant.

Your REVA can manage your client database to create and prepare buyer & seller consultation packages that can be deployed on a regular basis and quickly alert you of new leads so no opportunity gets lost.

They can also be quite helpful in preparing all listing & open house flyers, graphics, signage and other essential marketing materials.

You will also be ahead of the curve by trusting your REVA to coordinate all client & vendor appreciation events as well as traditional telemarketing and cold calling to increase your opportunity potential.

Digital Marketing is a particular strength of Stafftronix Virtual Assistants and your REVA will have access to all the tools & training available from our digital teams. We will ensure your REVA is trained on WordPress to keep your site updated and can enroll them in training should you use a different website platform.

Stafftronix has a very robust social media marketing strategy and in addition to allowing your VA to manage & update your social platforms, they will have access to our incredible photo & video editing teams & tools to give you a cutting-edge look.

They can also reach out to your satisfied clients on a regular basis to provide you fresh & compelling testimonials to to show off on your website, social media and traditional marketing materials.

In addition to industry-specific expertise, your Virtual Real Estate Assistant can also provide you all the attention worthy of a C-Level Executive.

Your calendar and inbox can be managed to ensure nothing important gets forgotten, prepare business operations manuals and documents, send out Thank You cards and gift baskets and nearly anything you can think of to help your business run more smoothly.

When time is a constant enemy, planning out your future can be tough. Your REVA can make sure that the tasks of the day are completed while at the same time help you focus in the next steps, so your ideas and can turn into your legacy.

Real Estate is a tremendously competitive business. Stafftronix wants to help by finding you a trained & reliable Virtual Real Estate Assistant to take tasks off your plate so you can reclaim time, regain focus and turn your business dreams into a personal legacy of success!


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